Unlike many other hosting firms we own all our equipment and maintain our own data center. Our data center is equipped with the latest in hardware and software to maintain a stable operating environment. We are connected directly to Toronto's main carrier hotel using optimum dark fiber lines.
Generator power to run without standard Utility Services for over a week without refueling. We are known for our response times due to the fact that we are connected directly to the backbone.

Q. How Can you offer so much bandwidth & space at such a
low price ?

A. We have been in business over 6 years and have invested heavily in our infrastructure. This gives us the ability to offer more for allot less then our competitors. We are a private company which owns all our equipment we have our own Data Center in Toronto, Canada. Infact this gives us the upper hand because we don't have anyone to satisfy but ourselves and our clients.

Q. Are there any setup fees involved ?

A. No, there are not setup fees on any of our plans at the moment.

Q. If I get a bronze can I update to a larger plan later?

A. Yes, you can upgrade to any of our plans without having to worry about upgrade fees. The only thing you pay for is the difference in the plan price.


Q. What is the catch ? Do you put banners or require banners ?

A. No, you can put whatever you want on your website as long as it is legal.

Q. Are your prices in US or Canadian funds?

A. All prices listed on our site are in US dollars.

Q. How do I get started ?

A. You fill out the order form on our website and submit. Within a few hours your account will be setup and you will receive a welcome letter that includes all the instructions to start your new website. Your domain name will not work immediately due to propagation. This propagation process can take 24 - 48 hours. You can view your site through the ip address provided to you in your welcome letter and create all your e-mail accounts and settings prior to domain functionality.



If you become dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a
full refund (minus domain name registration fee)